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the Scottish lass with the lupine smile

Rahne Sinclair
11 May
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Um, hi. I'm Rahne. I'm a mutant lupine metamorph - fancy way of saying I can turn into a wolf at will.

Not much else beyond that....


Name: Rahne Sinclair
XIM: LittleRed_Wolf
Email: r.sinclair@xaviers.edu
Code Name: Wolfsbane
Identity: Secret
Occupation: Student
Legal Status: Citizen of the United Kingdom with no criminal record
Place of Birth: Ullapool, Scotland
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Reverend Craig (adoptive [and possibly biological] father), Moira MacTaggert (foster mother), unnamed mother (deceased)

Age: 16
Height: 5'1" (human), 6' (transitional), 28" at shoulder (wolf)
Weight: 100 lbs (human), 175 lbs (transitional), 85 lbs (wolf)
Hair: Reddish-brown
Eyes: Green
Gender: Female
Racial/Ethnic Background: Scottish

Powers: Rahne has the ability to turn into a wolf at will. As a wolf, she keeps her human mind and intelligence (though she has trouble understanding complex concepts) and has no exceptional powers beyond those of a normal adolescent wolf. As a human, her senses are slightly more enhanced than a normal human's; in addition, she has a healing factor that, while not as powerful as Logan's, is much higher than a typical person's. She is also learning how to "pause" her transformation between wolf and human, but this transitional form can be unpredictable and difficult to maintain for long. In lupine form, she is much stronger than she would be either as a full wolf or a full human.

Skills: Rahne is an accomplished athlete fond of all types of sports, though she has a particular affinity for running. She also enjoys writing short stories in her spare time...not that she'd tell anyone. She's terribly self-conscious about her work, and has only shown it to Lance Alvers as of now.

Status at Xaviers: Student at the high school junior level

History: Rahne was born in Scotland in 1987. When her mother died in childbirth, Rahne was taken in by the Reverend Craig and raised as a Ward of the Church, which gave her an extremely strict (and ultimately damaging) Fundamentalist upbringing. Rev. Craig loathed her from the very beginning, seeing her as a creature full of sin.

When her power to shapeshift into a wolf abruptly materialized at puberty, it didn't take long for the lynch mob to form. Lead by Rev. Craig, they chased the "witch" over the moors with the intent to burn her at the stake - until they ran into Moira MacTaggert. As Rahne collapsed from exhaustion and shifted back to her human form, Dr. MacTaggert placed herself between Rahne and the mob and forced them to reluctantly disperse.

Dr. MacTaggert took Rahne as her foster daughter and tried to undo the damage Rev. Craig's upbringing had done to her; she was convinced she was a "devil child" and doomed to Hell for her powers. After a long while, she accepted that her powers had nothing to do with sorcery or Satan, but were a genetic condition. In fact, if anything, God had more to do with her shapeshifting than anything else, for He was the one that created her, mutation and all. That revelation greatly changed Rahne's outlook on life.

After several years, Dr. MacTaggert thought it best that she continue her education under Charles Xavier, a longtime friend of hers...and so Rahne left Scotland and journeyed to Xavier's Institute to study with other mutants like her. Scared at first, she eventually adjusted and settled in to life at the school.

((This is a roleplaying journal. I'm not really Rahne Sinclair, and she doesn't belong to me - neither does Leelee Sobieski, for that matter. It's all for xenogenetic.))