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Rahne Sinclair

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It's spring break! [Mar. 7th, 2004|06:15 pm]
Rahne Sinclair
[Current Mood |excited]

And to celebrate, it seems I'm to go on a road trip with Lance, Ther, Ev, Davis, and Alex. Should be fun, if utterly mad - though maybe it'll be fun because it's utterly mad, eh? ;)

I hope that everyone enjoyed the party last night and will enjoy the hols, whatever you may do. See you in a week!
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(no subject) [Feb. 10th, 2004|02:55 pm]
Rahne Sinclair
[Current Mood |anxious]

Ther, can I talk to you sometime soon?
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!!!! [Jan. 27th, 2004|10:04 pm]
Rahne Sinclair
[Current Mood |excited]

Why have I not seen The Lord of the Rings before now?! Clearly, I wasn't in my right mind. ;)

Lance, we can watch the third movie sometime soon as well, can't we?
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Miss Cheney? [Jan. 20th, 2004|01:12 pm]
Rahne Sinclair
[Current Mood |nervous]

We, um, we don't have to post our creative writing assignments in our journals, do we? We can e-mail them or give them to you in person?
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(no subject) [Dec. 30th, 2003|12:08 pm]
Rahne Sinclair
[Current Mood |bouncy]

Och. My plane landed in New York at 2 AM! I shall never take late-night flights again if I can help it, that's for certain.

At any rate, it was wonderful to spend some time at home, not to mention a nice break from the usual madness. I miss it something fierce already. It's good to be back, though...Xavier's is nearly as much my home as Scotland nowadays :) Thank you to everyone for the lovely presents, too! They were an excellent surprise.

Ther! Pirates and Other Things! Finding you immediately! And Lance, I hope you made it back safely...stop by soon?

OOCCollapse )
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(no subject) [Dec. 25th, 2003|12:36 pm]
Rahne Sinclair
[Current Mood |good]

Merry Christmas from Scotland!

My holidays have been fairly good so far. I hope everything is going well back in New York - I miss you all quite a bit.

Have a wonderful day, and I'll see you in a little less than a week!
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[private] [Dec. 21st, 2003|12:20 pm]
Rahne Sinclair
[Current Mood |ashamed]

I couldn't do it.

Moira, wonderful woman that she is, took me to Kinross. I thought I'd be all right - that it had been long enough, and that I'd be able to look Reverend Craig in the eye and tell him just what I thought of him. I thought that I'd finally, finally be free of his hold over me.

Five miles outside of the town, though, my hands started shaking. A mile away, I couldn't breathe for the way my chest tghtened up. By the time I could see the spire, that damned church spire you can spot from anywhere in Kinross, I was screaming at Moira to turn the car around. I'm surprised she understood me through all my tears.

She turned around, drove until I couldn't see the spire anymore, then pulled the car over and hugged me as I sobbed. It must have taken an age for me to calm down, but I did, finally. We spent the rest of the journey in silence; I was too embarrassed to say anything, and I guess she figured she shouldn't press the matter.

It isn't fair. How can he still have this much power over me? How is it fair that he can still make me feel this way when I haven't even lain eyes on him in three bloody years? I'm still shaking, and we've been back on Muir Island for a good two hours now....

I thought what I'd faced at Xavier's these past few months had made me stronger, but it hasn't. Lord forgive me, I'm starting to think that nothing will. Not when it comes to this.
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I should know better than to listen to gossip, but... [Dec. 15th, 2003|01:20 pm]
Rahne Sinclair
[Current Mood |worried. maybe a bit hurt, too]

...Lance ran away? To where? Is he coming back? Is he okay? And there's also - oh, bloody...something, what is going on here?


I do have Christmas gifts for all of you, at least; you'll be receiving them a wee bit early, since I'm leaving for Muir Island tomorrow morning. If you get a big one, I trust you not to open it until December 25th, aye?

Hope everyone has a good holiday. I'll see you in two weeks.

semi-OOC: what Rahne got for everyoneCollapse )
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Just looked out my window... [Dec. 6th, 2003|01:03 pm]
Rahne Sinclair
[Current Mood |jubilant]

And wow, that's quite a bit of snow. First snowfall of the year here, isn't it? It's so beautiful.

Last one outside is a rotten egg!
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Twenty-one days! [Dec. 4th, 2003|06:19 pm]
Rahne Sinclair
[Current Mood |good]

I can't wait for Christmas holidays. It will be positively wonderful to see Moira again and be back on the island, surrounded by green. I'm not nearly as homesick as I used to be, because this place is slowly becoming my home, but I still miss Scotland every day.

There is something, though...I think there may be something I have to do while I'm there. I'm not looking forward to it - truthfully, I can't believe I'm even thinking about doing it - but I think it needs to be done. We all have some sort of shadow hanging over us, don't we? Maybe...this might be the chance to finally dispell mine.

I've changed so much, inside and out. I want him to see and know. I just hope I can gather the courage.

and now I think this might've been best left to a private entry, but I suppose it's a wee bit too late for that. oh, well.
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